• Do not leave latex clothing exposed to direct sunlight or artificial light 
• Do not leave latex clothes on or near heaters 
• Do not leave latex clothes in damp or moist conditions 
• Do not allow perfume to get in contact with the garment 
• Do not allow hairspray to get in contact with the garment 
• Do not allow contact with copper or metals containing copper, as this will stain light colors 
• Be sure to watch for long fingernails or sharp jewelry when dressing as these can rip latex rubber very easily


• Due to prints being more fragile we suggest using a lighter silicone shine (such as Black Beauty or Vivishine dip) to shine these pieces. 


• When you are ready to wear your latex garment, use a light coat of a silicone based lubricant to coat the inside of the garment. **Do Not Use Oil Based Lubricants** This Will Harm Your Garment ** 
• After you put your latex outfit on, use a silicone based lubricant to shine it. You can use your hand or a shop towel to apply it. Avoid over shining appliqué detail too much. This will cause the appliqué to release. 
• Do not rub or allow any contact with oil as it destroys latex. 
• Be careful of pulling on latex, as it can tear or leave permanent impressions. 
• Try to avoid wearing metal object while in your garment. Certain metals will stain the latex! 
• Avoid sharp objects! Be extra careful if you have long nails and remove all jewelry when putting on or taking off your garment.  
• Do not allow light colors to come into contact with copper-based items (money, jewelry- some jewelry appears silver but contains a copper core- etc) because it will stain very badly. Take care especially if you have been handling such items as even your hands may stain the rubber.


• Hand wash garment in warm water with mild soap. Rinse thoroughly and hang up on a plastic hanger to dry. After the outside dries, turn it inside out to finish drying the garment.


• When garment is completely dry, powder the inside with talc powder and store in a plastic bag, on a plastic hanger, in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach from the sun! ATTENTION!! : Surface will deteriorate if exposed to sunlight or if let to dry by not polishing.